Mobility Unlimited Challenge Finalists

Evolution Devices
The EvoWalk is a smart wearable leg sleeve that helps people with partial lower limb paralysis regain their mobility.
A robotic, powered exoskeleton with motors at the hips, knees and ankles, as well as additional actuators offering someone with lower-limb paralysis fast, stable, and agile upright mobility.
Wheem-i (Wheelchairs Mobility Interface) is the first mobility service created for wheelchair users. It’s the cycle share scheme equivalent.
Phoenix Instinct
The Phoenix I wheelchair is an ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair made from carbon-fiber. Using smart sensors the chair will configure itself to what the user is doing so it remains in sync with how the user moves.
Team Qolo
The Qolo Standing Device consists of a lightweight, mobile exoskeleton on wheels which uses passive actuators to allow users to sit or stand, effectively removing the ‘chair’ from ‘wheelchair’.